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Stella Burchard is the Queen of Bows. Stella originally hails from San Diego, CA, where she started dancing, surfing, and first performed spoken word. Making the transition from a California surfer girl to a NYC sidewalk strutter has been smooth through sticking to her passions and finding energy in the city’s hustle. A combination of earning her bachelor’s degree from USC’s Marshall School of Business (fight on!) plus her creativity and learning from all around her has set Stella on her path as a writer and sales rep.

Stella is out to make a difference in people's lives, be a published writer by 2013, and travel across the globe. She can be found hustling, playing the drums, making collages, modeling, and getting behind new ideas. A few of Stella’s favorite things include free events, the sun, pinup girls, photography, ice cream, making iTunes playlists, love, and smiling. She gives out free hugs and accepts them happily, too.

Queen of Bows works with fashion brands with heart to grow them to their next level(s). Check out the Brands page for more information and be sure to show them some love. Stella is also creating content for her books and other creative projects, which you can peek at on the Writing page. If you’re interested in carrying one of the brands or commissioning Stella for creative and/or business writing, please get in touch!

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